The collection and assessment of pavement condition survey data and highway inspections are vital when it comes to delivering a best value approach to highway network management. They are essential for providing Best Value Performance Indicator information and are invaluable when it comes to delivering and monitoring levels of service and managing risk under an asset management approach.

We have considerable strength and expertise in data collection and integration using the latest pavement technologies.

We are able to quantify, assess and analyse data from all commonly used machine or walked pavement condition surveys to strengthen your scheme designs, funding proposals or value management requirements.

HTCTL provides a number of different test procedures to evaluate construction materials, paving materials, and finished pavements, including:

  • Review of pavement design for constructability
  • Performing mix designs, review proposed and/or existing mix designs
  • Observation of batch plant procedures and materials
  • Site testing and evaluations (subgrade, subbase base course, bituminous concrete, and concrete)
  • Laboratory testing
  • Project administration services (payment requests, material submittal, change orders, interpretation of project documents, and project meetings)
  • QA/QC services

Our surveys are about the assurance of total systems, procedures and policies, paying attention to the details, but looking at the bigger picture:

  • Dynamic Pile integrity
  • Field Density
  • Sub grade Investigation
  • Pile Integrity Tester
  • Pile Dynamic Analyzer (For Dynamic testing of pile)
  • Our inspections focus on the quality control of individual components and sub-systems:

  • Load Bearing Capacities of Natural Land Mass
  • Regulatory and Statutory Surveys
  • Non-Destructive Testing (NTD).